Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008


Thanks for canceling my order. According to the rep on the phone they are not allowed to sell the shirt anymore. Thanks to a little research online it looks like the New England Patriots prematurely filed for a trademark of the "19-0" phrase. So now the task is to find a even more offensive t-shirt to wear.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Who Should I pick for president?

Select a Candaidate 2008
This is a interesting little poll to make you start to think about the next presidental election.
If any thing this poll will make me look at all the candidates a little closer.

My Results

Barack Obama
Score: 38
John Edwards
Score: 38
Hillary Clinton
Score: 38
Dennis Kucinich
Score: 35
Rudy Giuliani
Score: 34

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

They want you to do what?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So as many of you guys know I'm getting married in July. I was doing the good groom to be job and added stuff that I was asked to the registry. I desided to take a look at our current registry to make sure I didn't add stuff twice. So I go to the Target Registry and Search under Groom and my name. Low and behold 19 results came back. Yes there are 18 of me getting married next year. On May 5 and April 27 I'm getting married 3 times in 3 states. I didn't think that my name was one of those usaul name that people have, but I geuss 19 other people in 2007 have stepped in to take the plunge.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

US Soccer Rant

So the big question for the us national soccer team is which tourny to send the first team too. Well with the Gold Cup being hosted in the US. With Freindly grounds and friendly fans wouldn't you think that the US could send the U-21 squad to the Gold cup. Still win the only team that should give us any trouble is Mexico. But no the morons that run us soccer want to have that trophy. Now for the Copa America send our first team and see if you can win a game unlike the World cup. Venezuela isn't going to be a friendly ground no matter what you think. Those fan no what it is to support and love the game. As for the team selection it should be based on you play at a club level and the level of league you play in. Landon Donovan take your ass back to Europe and learn to fight for your position. Sorry that the Bayer Leverkusen doesn't buyin to the myth that you are the greatest player in the world. What would you expect you haven't proved your self any where. So what if you are the name that the us tried to place on soccer in the us. Ok i will say that you had a good 2002 world cup but that is it. So you so called wonder kid go to europe and play for a team that plays in some real competitions. Lets look at some of the player that should have some consideration to play on the first team. Johnaton Spector play at Manchester United, Carlton, and West Ham United for most of the season is the starting right back at West ham. Manchester United sold him know he was never getting a look at right back as long as Gary Neville is there. Take Oguchi Onyewu played for Standard Liege went on loan to Newcastle and is getting interest from some of the Gaint clubs of Europe. No he isn't starting every game but he is fight for a spot. In March we have a couple of International friendlies Ecuador (3/25) in Tampa,FL and Guatemala (3/28) in Frisco,Texas. The national team brought over 11 players from overseas to play those game. The European teams are on international break for the Worthless Euro 2008 qualifiers. Who really wants to see Poland vs
Azerbaijan? I think I might go ahead and spend $20 on that payperview, But that is a whole nother topic for another day. But that looks to me to be a perfect time to go to Ecuador and play a friendly not host them here. I understand that you want to have the fans of us national team see them in the states but fuck play 1 or 2 game overseas. Give some of the US based player some experiance at play where the fans aren't mostly soccer moms take there kids to a soccer game. I want to see the us play in Europe and go up againt some of the real gaint of the world. Get there ass handed to them and learn that to play at the top level you need to play top teams. On the other hand the tight asses at us soccer could spend some of the fucking money you have and bring a Brazil or Spain over here. Until then the US men soccer team is not going to be any better then 30 in the world. Get your heads out of your ass and name a permanent coach. We all know you are just waiting for Bob Bradly to fuck up one game so you have a reason to fire him. I would suggest that you run over to Barcelona and take Frank Rijkaard from then when he gets fired. BOO WHO on you barcelona you did win the champions league this year and I think Sevilla will win the La Liga. Just please go find someone and place some faith in him and Lets become the soccer power that i think that the us could become in the next 10 years.